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Labour and Rehabilitation Department

This department Labour and Rehabilitation seeks to facilitate harmonious industrial relations in the state and to enforce various labour laws. There are a number of welfare schemes for different sections of workers. A number of welfare fund boards also function under this department. In Industrial disputes the department is the instrument for conciliation and conflict resolution between the labour and management.

Mission and Vision of the department
Kerala has an enlightened labour force who knows their own interests as well the interests of the society at large. The labour in Kerala has always remained cooperative in running the industrial ventures both in traditional and modern sectors. It was unnecessary to teach them about the importance of undisturbed efficient running of industrial enterprises for the well-being of the society and for their own well-being. Unfortunately the wrong perspective and priorities of the previous UDF Government put industrial enterprises in disarray leaving the lives of labourers disappointed and desperate in all spheres of the State's economy. So the foremost task of the Government on the labour front was to restore confidence among the members of the labour force about the intentions and ability of the Government to restore their livelihood. The government started right earnest in reopening locked out factories, helping loss-making industrial units to run profitably and opening up plantations that were closed. While all these achievements were made Government took care that the welfare of labour was protected and preserved. This has created an august atmosphere in the State that enables an entrepreneur to start his venture in any sphere of Kerala's economy.

An immediate effort made in the labour front was to make sure that labourers in traditional sectors got employment for the maximum number of days and minimum wages fixed for than were observed. The Labour Department has decided to raise minimum wages in traditional sectors (both organised and unorganised) in July 2008.

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